How To Find The Right Mechanic For Your Subaru

Subarus have many unique qualities, making finding the right mechanic crucial. Choosing a repair shop that specializes in Subarus is a must. If you’re having trouble with your car or need regular maintenance performed, there are some key points to look for when choosing a mechanic. 

Choose the right Subaru mechanic by finding one close to you, has excellent reviews from actual Subaru owners, has expertise specifically for Subarus, is fairly priced, and most importantly, specializes in Subaru repair and maintenance!

This article will give you tips on finding the right mechanic to work on your Subaru. There will also be additional information on why your vehicle should only be maintained by a mechanic who is an expert in Subaru repair and maintenance.

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Mechanic For Your Subaru

When you’re searching for a repair shop that can help keep your vehicle on the road, there are many things to consider. Subarus have a specific engine that no other vehicle manufacturer uses, which means using a mechanic that does not specialize in Subaru is not a good idea. Below are the most important things to look for before making your choice. 

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1. Find One Close To Home

You are going to want to pick a mechanic that is near you. If you are looking to vet the shop before you bring your car in, you can drive to the shop and grab a business card; while you’re there, you can give the place and staff a once over, so you know who will be working on your Subaru. If you ever have a breakdown or safety issue, the closer the shop is to you, the cheaper the tow bill will be, and your vehicle can get fixed faster.

2. Reviews and Testimonials

Find a shop with an up-to-date website that includes testimonials from customers who own Subarus. If they have before and after pictures of Subarus they have worked on, that is a plus. It would help to look for photos showing a wide range of makes and years of vehicles on the website. This demonstrates that the shop has a vast knowledge of many types of Subarus. 

3. Information Unique to Subaru

Choose a mechanic shop with information about specific Subaru issues on their website. This is an excellent way to identify how knowledgeable the mechanic shop is regarding Subarus. If they have information about common Subaru-specific issues on their site, it’s also a good sign that they know what they are doing.

4. Fair and Transparent Pricing

You will want to pick a mechanic that is upfront about their prices. They should let you know what their dollar per hour rate is. Also, make sure they tell you if the rates vary for different repairs. It is not uncommon to have different prices for diagnostics, electrical system repair, welding, or custom part fabrication. Ensure that they will give you a quote on a repair and tell you if any additional parts or labor is needed before proceeding with the job.

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5. Find A Mechanic That Specializes In Subarus

The engine in your Subaru is not like any other engine used in the market. This is known as the Boxer Engine. Parts and repairs that may be usual for most cars can vary wildly on a Subaru. A mechanic who has general knowledge on many vehicles and doesn’t have specific training on Subarus, is not your best choice. Due to the unique nature of the engine and supporting parts, an untrained mechanic will definitely take longer to repair or perform maintenance on your Subaru.  

Now It’s Time To Make Your Choice

These were 5 important ways to identify who you should pick as your Subaru mechanic. Plenty of repair facilities say they work on all makes and models, and these shops are generally fine to use for most vehicle owners. However, as a Subaru owner, having a mechanic specializing in your vehicle is necessary. The unique engine used in your car can be confusing to work on for a general mechanic, which will lead to longer repair times or possible damage. Make sure you find a Mechanic close to you to cut down on time wasted getting to and from the shop.

Ensure they have reviews and testimonials from other Subaru owners, as this is a good sign that they are knowledgeable on Subaru repair and maintenance. Ensure they have information about common problem points and a high rate of failure items on their website about Subarus. Choose a shop that is transparent with their pricing and fair when compared to other mechanic shops in your area. Finding a mechanic who owns and drives a Subaru is a big plus. They will know what the best and longest-lasting parts are. The most important thing is that the mechanic you choose must have is training and knowledge of all things Subaru. This will ensure your vehicle is fixed and maintained correctly and quickly so you can get back on the road. 

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