Subaru Blown Head Gasket

What Is A Head Gasket?

Subaru Head Gasket

The head gasket is a very thin sheet of metal that has different sized holes in it. They are used to create a seal between the block of your Subaru and the cylinder heads. When it’s doing its job, there is a good seal that contains the pressure from the combustion chamber. The gaskets also keep the coolant where it should be and the oil flowing in the oil passages so they don’t mix. Head gaskets are supposed to last as long as your engine does and should only need to be replaced with major repairs.

What happens when a head gasket blows?

The seal ruptures and allows exhaust vapors and combustion pressures to get into the cooling system. The cooling system is meant to remain pressurized so there is no boiling. When there is a head gasket leak, the cooling system can’t do its job, and the un-regulated heat can wreak havoc in your vehicle.

What Are The Signs Of Head Gasket Failure?

  1. White exhaust smoke – antifreeze leaks into the cylinders and turners into steam
  2. Loss of power – the engine can’t contain combustion pressures
  3. Overheating – hot gases can get into the cooling system, or coolant can start leaking
  4. Milky-looking oil – coolant gets into the oil (if you see this, driving your car can cause significant damage)
  5. External leaks – oil or coolant can leak out of the engine
  6. Exhaust bubbles
  7. A burning smell

If you experience any of these issues, have a Subaru specialist immediately address the problem.

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How Is A Head Gasket Replaced?

Replacing a head gasket requires a lot of work and expertise. The good news is if you have the work done by a Subaru specialist you should not experience any repeat failures. First, the engine is completely removed from the vehicle, then the motor is disassembled and inspected for damage to internal parts. If any issues are found they are diagnosed and reported. The motor is then cleaned and prepped to make sure the heads reseal properly. The engine is reassembled, checked, and then reinstalled into the vehicle.

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How much does it cost to replace a Blown head gasket?

The cost of replacing a head gasket on a Subaru starts around $3,000. Be sure to get a complete quote from your shop. If you have any concerns or questions, contact us at 501-214-1091.

How to Avoid A Head Gasket Leak

Change the engine oil regularly! This helps to remove any unburnt fuel that has made its way into the engine oil. Fuel is a solvent that can weaken seals and gaskets. You should also change your Subaru’s coolant regularly. Keeping the coolant fresh and clean will help minimize the possibility of a gasket leak.

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