BMW Brake Flush

Is a BMW Brake Flush Necessary?

BMW brake flush inspection

Yes! Your BMW needs a brake flush. Over time little bits of debris find their way into your brake fluid which can cause problems and hinder your stopping power. In addition to the debris, moisture can get into the system which can cause rust, which creates more debris in your brake fluid. When your braking system is compromised, your vehicle will not be able to stop as quickly as it should. This of course is very dangerous and should be avoided.

How often does the brake fluid need to be changed in a BMW?

every 2 Years

The general rule is to have your brake fluid changed every 2 years (or 30,000 miles). Even if your BMW is sitting around in a garage and not being driven, moisture may get into the brake fluid which can lead to brake failure.

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4 Signs You Need A Brake Flush

  1. Your ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) light is on – If you see this light come on, it’s time to add to or replace the brake fluid in your car. 
  2. Your Brake Pedal feels different  – If you find it harder to push down your brake pedal, or if your brake pedal feels ‘squishy’, you probably need new, clean fluid. 
  3. Noisy brakes – If you don’t have enough fluid in your brake system (or if it’s old) you may hear some noises coming from your brakes. Low or dirty fluid may also cause your brake pads to make a grinding or squeaking sound. 
  4. Burning smell – If you notice a chemical smell after hard braking your brakes may be overheating. You should pull over right away and wait for your brakes to cool before driving further. If your brake fluid gets too hot your brakes could fail.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or are unsure if your brake fluid has been flushed recently, schedule an appointment at SL Autoworks and we will help keep your BMW in top shape!

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