BMW Oil Change

An engine oil change for your vehicle is typically the cheapest and most critical maintenance item, yet it’s the most overlooked and neglected service. We’ve answered the most important and common questions about BMW oil changes, keep reading for more!

How much does an oil change cost on a BMW?

oil pouring BMW oil change

The cost of an oil change for your BMW starts at $112. This would include, say, a 2014 328i as the cheapest, and a 2006 M5 as the most expensive.

How often does a BMW need an oil change?

We recommend every 5,000 miles

Starting with MY1999 vehicles, BMW’s recommended OCI (oil change interval) is a staggering 15,000 miles. This 15,000 mile interval recommendation is for BMW’s made from 1999 until 2013. Starting with all MY2014 BMW’s, the recommended OCI dropped to 10,000 miles. It should come as no surprise, but this incredibly long OCI recommendation by BMW opened the door for mechanical issues down the road. We recommend an oilc change every 5,000 miles

Depending on the model of BMW, the type of use the car see’s and also fuel used, the OCI could be as low as 3,000. But, in general, 7,500 miles is the maximum allowable mileage out of most BMW’s we service.

How can I tell if I need an oil change?

Your BMW’s infotainment system and instrument cluster, will notify you when the oil change is due. An oil change sticker may also be present on the top left corner of your windshield, to notify of an upcoming oil change.

Do I have to go to the BMW dealer for an oil change?


Your local BMW dealership might tell you they are the only ones capable to service your BMW. This could not be further from the truth!


An independent, BMW specialty shop, like SL Autoworks, can provide these services with the proper parts and knowledge of your vehicle.

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What kind of oil does my BMW need?

Depending on model and year, the oil specification can be LL-01, LL-01 FE, LL-04, LL-12, LL-14+ or LL-17 FE. Using shops like SL Autoworks, and other specialty shops is crucial for making sure the correct oil is used in your BMW. We exclusively use Motul oil with the correct spec for all BMW’s.

The correct oil must be used in your BMW. 

How long does an oil change take?

A typical oil change takes anywhere from 20-45 minutes, depending on model and equipped engine. We always do our best to get you in and out as fast as possible!

Is your BMW Leaking Oil?

If you suspect an oil leak you may need more that an oil change.
Read more about BMW Oil Leaks here or call us today!

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