What To Do When Your Subaru Is Leaking Oil

Are you noticing the smell of burning oil when driving your Subaru? Or maybe you’re seeing some oil stains on the driveway where you park. While small drips can be very annoying and unsightly, they usually can be resolved with a diagnostic by professional mechanics.

Now, if you’re noticing more than a “few drops” of oil under your Subaru, this can be an indicator of a more serious issue that should be attended to immediately. Oil is a vital fluid to your engine and drivetrain, and neglecting oil leaks will result in serious damage to vehicle components, leading to even costlier repairs!

Fortunately, if you’re in central Arkansas (or even a little further away) you can make an appointment with us at SL Autoworks. We’re specialists in Subaru repair and maintenance, and we have encountered nearly every thing you can name over the years.

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When you notice an oil leak

When first noticing an oil leak from your vehicle, you may want to recall if you very recently had your oil changed. It’s possible while changing your oil, or having the service performed by a shop, that some oil was dripped or spilled in the engine compartment, and has now made its way down to the ground.

Of course, if this is the case, you certainly did not have your oil changed by us at SL Autoworks, since we work with surgical like cleanliness on every customer vehicle. We leave no spills, drips, or messiness when performing oil changes, or any other service in our shop.

If you have not recently added oil, had your oil changed, or added other fluids to the engine bay, then you likely do have an oil leak that needs to be addressed. Many times this can be as simple as worn, old gaskets on engine components that are past their service life. When gaskets have lived a life of enduring the high temperatures in engine bays for many years, they simply begin to wear out, leading to imperfect seals, and thus the opportunity for oil to leak out from the area.

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Repairing an oil leak

Repairing an oil leak can be a simple fix, depending on the location of the issue and providing that you also have easily identified the problem area. Unfortunately this is where most of the battle takes place. As Subaru experts, SL Autoworks is familiar with all the common areas to check for leaks on Subaru’s and many times we can quickly identify the source of the leak. Sometimes, it takes a bit more skill and special tools to find and address the issue. Our technicians can isolate the leak, and prepare a quote for you on repair. The cost of oil leak repairs can range greatly, depending on the location of the leak, and the components that need replacing. Some repairs require major work to remove parts and begin the repair, while others may be simple! If your Subaru needs an oil leak repair, or you would like an estimate on oil leak repair costs, contact us today by filling out the quote form.

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