Subaru 60,000 (60k) Mile Service

Every 30,000 miles (or 30 months) Subaru recommends having certain parts of the vehicle inspected and replaced if needed. These 30,000 (30k), 60,000 (60k), 90,000 (90k), service recommendations are the best times to service specific parts of your vehicle based on the experience from the manufacturer. Regular maintenance helps to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly for years to come.

What is subaru 60,000 (60k) Mile Service?

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The 60k mile service is very similar to the 30,000-mile service (learn more here) with a few additions like replacing the spark plugs.

60,000 (60k) mile service includes:

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 60,000 mile Subaru service can start at $600, depending on your specific vehicle make and model. Always make sure you choose a Subaru authorized dealer that you trust to work on your vehicle. Here at SL Autoworks we prioritize the safety of our customers and always provide honest recommendations for their vehicles.

Do I need to have my Subaru serviced at 60,000 miles?

The short answer is yes! The 60,000 mile service is a very important service interval. It includes all of the maintenance in a 30,000 mile service, plus a little more. Often there are critical services that are needed at this point in your vehicle’s life. The financial impact of ignoring this recommended maintenance can be very high.

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How Often Do Subarus Need To Be Serviced?

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The guidelines for your Subaru maintenance are based on the miles your car has driven. Typically every 6,000 miles is the regular point for a service interval which includes oil and filter changes, tire balancing, and rotation. At 30,000 miles more maintenance is required. For example, the coolant and brake fluid become less effective and should be changed. Brake pads and rotors should be inspected and likely replaced along with other parts. At 60,000 miles the maintenance required is similar to the 30,000 mile maintenance, with the addition of spark plugs being replaced. Contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule service!

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