Subaru 90,000 (90k) Mile Service

The 90,000-mile marker is a significant maintenance period in your Subaru’s life. At 90,000 (90k) miles, your vehicle will need more extensive service to keep it performing like new. If you regularly keep to the Subaru maintenance schedule at 30,000 (30k) and 60,000 (60k) and have regular oil changes, you drastically increase the longevity of your vehicle and protect your investment.

What is subaru 90,000 (90k) Mile Service?

Most major car manufacturers agree that the 90,000 (90k) mile service is important to help maintain your vehicle. Subaru recommends maintenance at 30k/60k/90k miles for your car. At 90,000 (90k) miles, certain parts of your vehicle need inspection or replacement. These mile recommendations are not just wild guesses in the dark, these are the best times to service specific parts based on Subaru’s experience.

If your Subaru is approaching (or passed) the 90,000-mile mark, it’s time for you to bring your vehicle in. At SL Autoworks, our experienced auto technicians will perform all of the scheduled maintenance at a lower cost than the dealer. Save time and money! Give us a call.

90,000 (90k) mile service includes:

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How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on your vehicle make and model, as different engines and parts have slightly different requirements. The final price will also depend on the condition of your vehicle if it has not been properly maintained its possible extra attention may be called for. Typical 90,000-mile services start at $900. If any additional needs are found, we will provide a prioritized list of our recommended maintenance services and answer any questions you may have.

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At SL Autoworks, we will get you in fast and notify you of any issues that might be happening with your Subaru. Addressing any issues found will keep your vehicle running longer and save you money in the long run. Regardless of what model Subaru you own, or what performance mods have been added, our trained technicians can handle it. Contact us when it’s time for your next scheduled service.

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