6 Steps To Prep Your Subaru For A Road Trip

Subaru road trip mountains

If you’re planning on taking your Subaru on a road trip, there are six essential steps to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the journey. It is always important to keep up with the recommended maintenance on your Subaru, but there are some specific items you will want to double-check before you head out on […]

6 Signs Your Subaru Transmission Needs To Be Repaired

Subaru Transmission

If you notice that your Subaru is struggling to accelerate, it could be due to a failing transmission. If you start seeing transmission fluid on the ground where you park or are having trouble shifting into gear, these are also indicative that you have a problem with your transmission. When correctly maintained, Subaru transmissions can […]

5 Reasons Your Subaru Check Engine Light Is On

Check Engine Light Diagnosis Subaru

There are multiple reasons the check engine light came on in your Subaru. Your engine computer monitors all the systems in your vehicle anytime it is on. If it notices that something is out of the preset parameters, your engine light will come on.  The most common reasons why the check engine light comes on […]

5 Signs Your Subaru Fuel Pump Will Fail

fuel pump test

Here are 5 of the most common symptoms that you as the owner can keep an eye (and ear) out for so that you don’t get stranded due to a faulty fuel pump.

6 Signs That Your Subaru Clutch Needs To Be Replaced

New Clutch

The clutch on your Subaru is a metal disk with friction material bonded to it. When the clutch is engaged, two parts make contact: the clutch disc and the flywheel. Over time the friction material will wear thin and can cause various issues. There are specific symptoms your Subaru will have when it’s time for […]

6 Most Common Subaru Coolant Leaks

Subaru coolant leak red engine

Most modern Subarus have a coolant level sensor that will turn on a warning light in the dashboard if the fluid level gets too low. You might notice coolant spots on the ground where you usually park your vehicle, indicating a failure in your cooling system. You will need to identify the problem and get […]

How To Find The Right Mechanic For Your Subaru


Subarus have many unique qualities, making finding the right mechanic crucial. Choosing a repair shop that specializes in Subarus is a must. If you’re having trouble with your car or need regular maintenance performed, there are some key points to look for when choosing a mechanic.  Choose the right Subaru mechanic by finding one close […]

5 Signs Your Subaru Head Gaskets Need To Be Replaced

subaru open hood

The head gaskets on your Subaru will typically last around 100,000 miles, depending on the year and model you own. You may also need your head gaskets replaced if you notice that your vehicle is running rough or your engine oil develops a milky color.

How To Know If Your Subaru Is Leaking Oil

Subaru side streets

Your Subaru could be the largest purchase you’ll ever make, and therefore it’s natural to want to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. To ensure longevity, it’s best to identify and address common issues like oil leaks, which will negatively impact your vehicle’s lifespan and performance. So how do you know if your […]

Why Is Smoke Coming From My Subaru?

smoking Subaru

When you’re driving, the last thing you want to see is smoke coming from your tailpipe. It could mean that there is a serious problem. So, why is smoke coming from my Subaru? And what does the color of smoke mean? Brown smoke often means that your car is burning too much oil. Black smoke means […]