2017 Subaru WRX STi – Clutch Wear

Beau brought us his 2017 STI because he felt he needed his clutch replaced. He mentioned that he learned how to drive a manual transmission on this car, and figured that might have cut into the standard life expectancy of the original clutch.

As time and mileage went on, the clutch engagement point was near the top of the pedal travel, typically signifying a worn clutch disc. It required a fair amount of RPM to get the vehicle to move from a stopped position.

SL Autoworks Findings

We removed the 6-speed manual transmission to inspect the clutch components. Found the disc to have minimal material remaining and some spots on the flywheel/pressure plate. A new OEM clutch kit and flywheel was already on hand to be installed in this 2017 STI. The flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, throwout, and pilot bearings were replaced.

worn subaru clutch plate

A Clutch Is A Wear Item

A clutch is a wear item on all cars with a manual transmission, but driving styles and technique can either prolong or shorten its life.  When replacing the clutch, the flywheel must either be replaced or resurfaced for proper wear in, similar to that of brake pads and rotors.

new Subaru clutch installed

Advice From The Experts

Use only OEM or leading aftermarket brands when it comes time to replace your clutch. Choose the appropriate clutch based on the vehicle’s power rating and particular use of the vehicle. Most clutches have a 300-500 mile break-in period. This is imperative to follow correctly in order to evenly wear the components with each other and guarantee the clutch gets the proper life expectancy. Do not slip the clutch during this time. Drive and shift the vehicle gingerly.

2017 STI stock clutch replacement
The 2017 STI was completely stock when it came in for his clutch replacement. No goals for performance upgrades were mentioned by the customer, so we felt an OEM replacement clutch would do the trick.

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