2007 BMW 525i – Faulty Ignition Coil

This 2007 BMW 525i was brought into SL Autoworks to have us find the cause of the check engine light being on and vehicle shaking.

With our BMW diagnostic software, we found a code stored for cylinder 5 misfire.

BMW diagnostic software SL Autoworks
BMW Diagnostic Software

Fault code was currently present. We swapped cylinder 5 ignition coil with cylinder 1 and the fault code followed. Obvious the ignition coil was faulty at this point.

Ignition coil failure on BMW’s is extremely common. They typically fail from age or can become compromised if the valve cover gasket leaks and saturates coil boot.

Advice From The Experts

Only use OEM Bosch or Delphi coil packs, depending on BMW model and equipped engine. Some models require all ignition coils to be replaced, situationally dependent.

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