2008 BMW 650i – Oil Leak

Candice brought her car into SL Autoworks for a massive oil leak. Her car had relatively low mileage for its age of ~80k miles. Age plays just a big of a factor as the mileage does when issues arise.

Despite having multiple oil leaks, this particular leak was an easy one to diagnose. This oil leak leaves a very noticeable spot on the ground, and sometimes a puddle of oil. It also covers the underside of the vehicle. We’ve been seeing this kind of oil leak for years, so we were able to diagnose it in seconds. This is the dreaded Alternator Bracket Gasket Leak.

Clean engine after oil leak
SL Autoworks meticulously cleaned up all of the oil

This is an inevitable oil leak with all generations of the N62 V8 engine. Avoid putting off repairs, as significant oil loss can occur and potentially damage the engine.

oil leak being fixed on BMW

Advice From The Experts

These N62’s are mechanically a great engine but suffer from severe oil leaks. OEM parts and BMW specialty repair shops are crucial for properly repairing these oil leaks.

Lengthy-time is required to clean all the oil residue after this repair is done. Avoid putting off the repair!

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