6 Signs That Your Subaru Clutch Needs To Be Replaced

New Clutch

The clutch on your Subaru is a metal disk with friction material bonded to it. When the clutch is engaged, two parts make contact: the clutch disc and the flywheel. Over time the friction material will wear thin and can cause various issues. There are specific symptoms your Subaru will have when it’s time for […]

When Do You Replace Your Clutch?

New clutch and flywheel for 2015 STI

People mostly associate a clutch with manual cars because the driver shifts gear manually. However, automatic cars also have clutches, which lie between the engine and the transmission. No matter whether you have a manual or an automatic car, it’s essential that you replace your clutch when necessary.  You should replace your clutch when it […]

2017 Subaru WRX STi – Clutch Wear

Beau brought us his 2017 STI because he felt he needed his clutch replaced. He mentioned that he learned how to drive a manual transmission on this car, and figured that might have cut into the standard life expectancy of the original clutch. As time and mileage went on, the clutch engagement point was near […]