Eric’s Nissan GT-R – New Transmission Cooler

SL Autoworks recently had a customer bring their 2013 Nissan GT-R in for some parts installation. The customer, Eric, noticed that when driving his GT-R on the track the transmission fluid had been running too hot for comfort, with temperatures upwards of 260 Degrees F. 


To help prevent any damage to the drivetrain, he opted to install an HKS DCT transmission cooler. He brought his GT-R to us with the parts in hand and ready to be installed. While in our shop, we also planned to upgrade the Transmission fluid from OEM to Motul Multi DCTF. The Motul fluid is a better performing fluid, while also less expensive than OEM!

SL Autoworks GTR transmission cooler lines being routed
Transmission cooler lines being routed


SL Autoworks Transmission cooler being Mounted
Transmission cooler being Mounted


After installing the cooler and hitting the track again, Eric saw that the transmission temperature was now significantly lower than before, and the reductions actually exceeded his expectations! He is now averaging 44 degrees lower temperatures than before, with most log readings showing a 20% overall drop in temps.

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