Why BMW Dealerships Are More Expensive Than Certified Mechanics

Dealerships like to profess their qualifications and higher skill set to gain your confidence and new customers. When you purchase your car, under warranty, it’s usually best to take your car to the dealership for repairs. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to continue taking your BMW to the dealership after the warranty runs out. 

Dealerships are generally more expensive than certified mechanics due to various reasons. Read on below to find out why your BMW Dealership is more expensive than your Independent Certified BMW Mechanic. 

Dealership Mechanics Have Higher Base Salaries

Working as a dealership mechanic has its benefits, like being paid a higher base wage. Dealership mechanics are usually on a full-time or part-time contract and have guaranteed work daily, getting paid an hourly rate. Dealership mechanics are trained to specialize in the specific make of vehicles that the dealership sells. 

Independent mechanics are typically workers who have branched out from the dealerships. We have the training, education and knowledge but we also have lower hourly rates. So we can save you more money than the dealership. 

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Dealership Mechanics Must Follow Limiting Guidelines

Unlike your independent local Certified BMW Mechanic, dealership mechanics have guidelines they have to stick to. They will stick to their required guidelines which can add unnecessary costs. For example, they are required to use new parts, and they have set prices for labor, parts, and repairs. Your local garage has more flexibility and will help you reduce parts and labor costs when possible. 

Dealerships Have More Mechanics Working On Your Car 

Dealerships will have more trained mechanics working on your car at any one time. The dealership factories are larger than most garages and can take numerous vehicles at the same time. This means the repairs on the car are usually completed within the day, ready for you to pick up after work.

This is great for turnaround times, but more laborers working on the car creates higher costs. The turnaround of car repairs in the dealerships is high because they have larger factories and have spare parts stored in the facility. In comparison, independent mechanics could take longer because they may need to order parts and have smaller shops. 

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Dealerships Will Fix & Charge You For Every Tiny Issue

If you go to your local BMW mechanic, they will fix the issue you go in for. They may check the car for other problems but will commonly give you advice on whether it’s a major or minor issue and how much longer you can get away without having to repair everything. This is ideal if you’re on a stricter budget. 

Dealerships on the other hand are required to fix every issue they find and charge for everything, even if it’s a minor service. I recommend always asking the dealer for a price breakdown to see how they arrived at the total cost estimate. The chances are that your local mechanic can do it much cheaper, or it’s something you could have done yourself. 

Dealerships Use Full-Priced OEM Parts

Dealerships aren’t the only mechanics that use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) parts, but they may tell you that they are to get your business. 

Your local Certified BMW Mechanic will use Original Equipment Manufacturer’s replacement parts and can typically get discounts on these parts, whereas dealerships pay the full price and charge customers over the full price. 

The Truth About Preserving Your Warranty

Are you worried about voiding your warranty? Taking your car to any garage may void the warranty on your car, so I suggest taking your vehicle to the dealership until your warranty runs out. They are required to service your car (within contracted instruction) for free while under warranty. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all car parts are covered under warranty. Check with your dealership or in the contract of your warranty documents and if there are any parts not covered by warranty, you can, without voiding the warranty, have them checked by a local certified garage. 

If your car is no longer under warranty, then rest assured, you can take your car to a local repair shop and receive a great service. Do some research, ask around and read reviews to find somewhere you feel comfortable taking your car. You can ask any mechanic what qualifications they have and if taking your vehicle to them voids your warranty. 

Diagnostic And Monitoring Equipment Is Not Only Used By Dealerships

Dealerships will commonly say that they alone have all the up-to-date diagnostic and monitoring equipment. This is, however, not always true. Independent certified mechanics need to stay up to date with all training and diagnostics, especially if they want to remain competitive with dealerships in more than just pricing. 

BMWs are a common vehicle, and the US is the largest market for some types of BMW models. Independent mechanics spend just as much money on BMW computer diagnostics and upgrades to remain competitive and to continue providing high-standard repairs to your German car. 

Dealership Repairs Don’t Always Increase The Resale Value Of Your Vehicle

This is another false statement your dealership might tell you to keep you coming back after the warranty ends. But here’s the catch, an independent mechanic that uses OEM parts on your vehicle will not decrease the value of your car when it comes to selling. 

Selling your BMW will work out fine as long as you have the proof of your certified mechanic’s stamp in your maintenance books. Keep a log of every time you’ve been to the mechanic, receipts, and stamps in the logbook, and the value will not decrease because of going to a certified mechanic instead of the dealer. 

Other factors come into question when selling your vehicle, but if you’ve looked after it well and have all the evidence of doing so, then resale won’t be an issue. 

Certified Mechanics Have Better Customer Service

Dealerships are trustworthy and will provide a great service to your car to keep you coming back. They guarantee the work and they can guarantee a fast job. I’m not doubting their car servicing abilities. They provide trustworthy mechanics because they must maintain an image. 

BMW dealership mechanics are well trained and have experience working with your BMW. But that doesn’t mean you can’t trust your local certified mechanic.

You’ll notice a difference in customer service between dealerships and independent mechanics. It’s easier to get to know independent mechanics as they take extra care to give you better deals, information, guidance and will call you if there are any issues. 

Dealerships have a job to do with a higher turnover and needing to measure up to specific corporate standards. It’s not as easy to build a relationship with dealership mechanics because of this. 

Should I Go To A Dealership Or My Local BMW Certified Mechanic?

Now you have all the information you need to decide whether it’s worth going to a dealership or heading to your local certified mechanic after your warranty period ends. 

Your local certified BMW mechanic reports to you directly, which makes you the boss! Us certified mechanics depend on word of mouth and pleasant reviews so that we have happy customers coming in and spreading the word about our garage in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Endorsement and character references are qualities that go a long way in local mechanic businesses! Give us a call today if you would like to schedule an appointment, or if you just have some questions! (501) 214-1091

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