5 Reasons Why Your BMW Heater Is Blowing Cold Air

Is the heater in your BMW not blowing hot air? We can help you get back in control of your vehicle’s cabin temperature. Our expert mechanics are ready to inspect and repair your BMW’s heater. We will get you back to riding in comfort no matter the temperature outside. 

There are 5 common reasons why your heater may have stopped working, read on below for the details and symptoms. 

1. Not Enough Coolant

Your BMW uses coolant to keep your engine at its ideal operating temperature (especially during the hot months). During the winter when you have your heater turned on the coolant from the engine is used in the heater core. The heater core is what blows warm air through your vents. When you first turn your heat on the air can feel cool for a few minutes because the engine needs to warm up to create the heat that is used by the coolant and heater core. If you are not feeling any warm air after a few minutes you should check your coolant level. If your car is low it won’t be able to get coolant to the heater core. 

2. Issue With The Heater Core

It’s possible your car is not blowing hot air because the coolant may not be moving through the heater core correctly. Heater cores are part of the cooling system. A heater core has tubing that moves the hot coolant around. Fans then disperse the heat given off by the coolant. The hot air is used for defrosting windows and heating the inside of your car. 

If your car is not blowing warm air and the coolant level is good, then your heater core may be at fault.

Common signs you have an issue with your heater core:

  • You have little to no heat in your car
  • You smell coolant inside your car
  • Your windows are fogged up
  • You notice coolant leaking under your dashboard
  • Your engine is running hot
  • Your coolant level is dropping 

3. Broken Heater Controls

It’s possible that the issue is your control buttons. Over time they can get worn out or break and stop working. If the coolant level is fine and you have already ruled out your heater core, then your control buttons might need to be replaced. 

4. Problem With The Thermostat 

If your thermostat is not working then it won’t read when the engine is warm. That means the signal will never go out to send the coolant to the heater core which is what heats the air. The good news is that thermostats are a relatively simple fix so installing a new one will get you on your way quickly. 

5. Water Leaks

Another common cause is a water leak. There are many places leaks can happen, so you will need to check all over (hoses, radiator, and water pump) and look for damage. If you find leaks in any of these places you car heater wont work. 

If you notice any of these symptoms or just can’t get your car to blow hot air, call us at SL Autoworks and we will get your vehicle repaired quickly.

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