2013 BMW M3 – Supercharger Kit Install

This 2013 BMW M3 was brought into SL Autoworks (stock) to have this Supercharger Kit installed and upgraded aftermarket BE Rod Bearings and ARP Rod Bolts. 

Before coming to SL Autoworks the car was bone stock. This is always great because it makes for a smooth install. The owner purchased the Supercharger kit which gives a turnkey bolt-on system with approximately 181 flywheel hp increase and 94tq increase.

Stock 2013 BMW M3 engine

VF Engineering 595 Supercharger Kit:

  • Vortech V3 Si Supercharger
  • Larger Bosch injectors
  • Cast aluminum upper intake plenum
  • Air to water heat exchange
  • Blow off valve
VF Engineering 595 Supercharger Kit Before install on a 2013 BMW M3

Once we got under the hood we found considerable wear on all 16 rod bearings, as expected. The factory 10W60 oil is proven to be too thick for the factory rod bearing tolerances in the S65 engine. A contributing factor to this wear is lack of ‘warm-up’ from cold starts, but primarily the clearance is the downfall.

Aftermarket BE Rod Bearings Install:

  • BE brand S65 rod bearings
  • BE ARP rod bolts
  • New seals and gaskets

The BE rod bearings feature a coated standard size half shell and the other shell a .025mm undersized shell. This fixes the clearance issue and allows for the factory 10W60 oil.

The BE spec ARP rod bolts eliminate the torque to yield OEM bolts which provide better clamping loads.

Once everything was installed the BMW had instant, turn-key power with little to no maintenance required.

SLA BMW M3 Engine Supercharger Kit
2013 BMW M3: Supercharger Kit installed, upgraded aftermarket BE Rod Bearings and ARP Rod Bolts by SL Autoworks

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